Pursuit and Distance in Online Dating – Part 1

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Pursuit and Distance in Online Dating

Pursuit and Distance in Online Dating

Pursuit and Distance in Online Dating

Every heard of ‘pursuit and distance’? You may or may not know this term, but you can be sure you’ll have danced to its tune at some point in your life!

‘Pursuit and distance’ is a term given to describe how humans engage in relationships, it is about balance, there is the ‘pursuer’ and the ‘escapee’ and it can be applied to man and wife, parent and child, worker and employee, even friends can sometimes play this difficult game.

Pursuit and Distance In Day To Day Life

This dance of chase and avoidance has been covered in books, poems, literature and films for a very long time, it is a part of human nature. It is a popular subject and one which has been highlighted recently in the Golden Globe award winning ITV1 drama ‘Downton Abbey’. Set in ‘God’s Country’ (Yorkshire). The two lead characters of this quintessentially English costume drama, engage fully in the dance of pursuit and distance. Viewers can relate very well to the script, as will all have taken part in the dance of pursuit and distance at some time or another.

Pursuit and distance is a popular subject for those who specialise in psychological patterns and research. It is studied and written about from marriage counseling to family counseling and can be used in therapy to help pursuers understand their actions and hopefully change their behavior to live a more fruitful and rewarding life and not one based on an endless chase.

It is a fine balance and one which we, as humans, play every day. It could be a mother missing her son who has flown the nest, it’s a hard lesson but children have to make their own way at some point in life and a parent has to understand the boundaries so as not to become a hindrance, whilst still enjoying a happy balanced relationship with their child or children. It could be between two friends, one friend is a bit too keen and can’t understand why the more he or she tries to arrange nights out the less it seems to happen.

Pursuit and distance is usually a game we play and understand without realising, but some times, in certain situations, it can lead to displays of obsessive behaviour. Imagine pursuit and distance as a pendulum, it swings from side to side in a relationship, but in some cases, if pushed too hard from one side it can swing too heavily in the one direction; the more one person pursues, the more the other person tries to avoid contact.

Pursuit and Distance & Online Dating

With the above in mind, we can use the equation for a successful and happy time in online dating.

By respecting and understanding this game of ‘kiss chase’ when meeting someone new, we can get so much more from dating sites.

An online dating site is simply a database full of single people all looking for their special ‘someone’ to date, whether it be for love, friendship or a casual fling. But the way in which we use the site can determine how successful we are.

It is easy to assume that just because someone is there in front of us on the screen they’re ‘up for chatting’ and just because someone has viewed your profile, they will a) want a relationship and b) reply to an email in minutes. In reality, it is fair to assume that if you don’t receive a reply from an email after that person has viewed your profile, there will be no point in sending a third or fourth email. Even if you do receive an email, by appearing too keen you can become a ‘pursuer’ and early on in a friendship, this will not come across well to a prospective partner.
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Ozami.net Welcomes You!

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Welcome to Ozami.net

Ozami.net Welcomes You!

A very warm welcome to Ozami.net, you source of entertainment and sports information. We bring you news, views, opinion and debate about celebrities, sports, TV and everyday topic ranging from discussion about what to wear on a first date to how many times you should have sex in a day.

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Ghana Cocaine Cache Found in Children’s Lollies

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Ghana Cocaine Children's Lollies

UKBF – The UK Border Force has seized a major cache of Cocaine at Accra Airport, Ghana

The breaking news confirms that the cocaine was hidden inside a large consignment of Children’s Lollies. The cocaine was estimated to be worth a value of £200,000 when traded on narcotics markets in Britain, the drug dealers planned to send the cocaine to London

Official Report by UKBF – The UK Border Force – quote – Pure cocaine placed inside children’s lollies as smugglers try to bring £200,000 of the drug into Britain

•    Suitcase full of lollipops stuffed with cocaine found in suitcase in Ghana
•    Sweets could have killed someone if eaten by mistake
•    British border force officers are based in West Africa to combat smuggling

It may look like an innocent children’s sweet, but this lollipop contains a potentially lethal secret – it is stuffed with cocaine.

The sweet is part of an illicit haul seized by UK Border Force (UKBF) officers bound for the UK at Accra airport in Ghana.

Smugglers had stashed around £200,000 worth of the drug inside bags of the lollipops which were found in a suitcase.

The Class A drug was then found when the lollipops were cut open. – Attribution to UKBF – The UK Border Force

A 29 Year old man was arrested for questioning leading to possible prosecution he is a Ghanaian national.

Another Breaking News – quote -

The seizure was made by the Ghanaian authorities working with British officers from UKBF’s Operation Westbridge team and the Serious Organised Crime Agency on Tuesday September 11.

The seizure weighed around four kilos, half of which is believed to have been high-purity cocaine.

Home Office minister Mark Harper said: ‘Disguising a deadly drug as a harmless bag of children’s sweets shows the depths people sink to in order to smuggle drugs.

‘The international drug trade is a vile business that Border Force officers play a key part in disrupting.’

UKBF officers have been based in Ghana since 2006 in a bid to prevent gangs smuggling illegal drugs through the country into the UK.

Around 860 kilos of cocaine and 323 kilos of heroin have been seized by them during that time – while 170 drug couriers have been arrested.

UKBF customs director Tom Dowdall said the drugs hidden in the lollipops, would almost certainly be fatal if eaten, which, he said makes ‘this smuggling attempt all the more shocking and dangerous.’ – Attribution to The Daily Mail UK.

From information in the reports looks like the UKBF – The UK Border Force are doing a very good job in quelling the trading of cocaine in a very dangerous criminal environment.

Ghana Cocaine Cache Found in Children’s Lollies…


UKBF – meaning – The UK Border Force is a part of the Home Office, responsible for frontline operations at air, sea and rail ports. – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org

UK Online Dating Site ‘Very Naughty’ is Inundated with New Swofties over 50!

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Wow we have just had a representative in the studio from UK Online Dating Site ‘Very Naughty’ and they have been inundated with exciting new lady members called Swofties. These ladies are not your run of the mill over fifties – married – settled and stable. No sir these trendy girls  have shed the man in their life and are free mobile and flexible. They are fashion conscious while at the same time prone to acting and behaving as though still in their twenties.

So why are they joining the UK Online Dating Site ‘Very Naughty’ when they are not on the lookout for a man, that is easy to explain they are after sex and they know they can find all the sex they need and more on ‘Very Naughty!’

But hey for all these Swofties joining an online dating site is a plus as the girls are often very special and often have lots of class – so having Swofties who are over fifty years old and on the lookout for fun and entertainment is just fine as men are always up for a bit of totty with a touch of class.

So a hearty welcome goes out to all the Swofties who are on the prowl looking for that bit extra from NSA Sex!

UK Online Dating Site ‘Very Naughty’ is Inundated with New Swofties over 50!

Very Naughty Profile – meaning – Join Very Naughty adult sex dating site free of charge. Search or browse profiles of sexy women looking for men, discreet NSA casual dating and fun. – Attribution to VeryNaughty.Co.Uk


Swofties – meaning – Single women over 50 – Independent – Financially Stable – Not Looking for a lifetime partner – trendy dressers – physically fit and in the main very sexy  – Cougars over 50 – Attribution to Ozami.Net

Pregnant Jenny Thompson Considering Offer as Juggler in Foreign Circus!

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Juggler in Foreign Circus
Pregnant whore and celebrity escort and wannabe EPL WAG Jenny Thompson has had more penile injections than the capacity crowd at Old Trafford which is 75,000 plus! Phew take a deep breath!

But hey let’s keep the storyline on track an international circus company have approached cock eyed Jenny Thompson and want to sign her up as a Juggler in the Big Top! The circus representatives feel that bit of ball juggling will relax the expecting whore!

The circus as we understand from an unnamed source will be giving Jenny Thompson multi colored balls to juggle like :-

•    Black Ball – To remind her of a black footballer for MCFC

•    Pink Ball with a Syrup Logo – Bringing back fond memories of a tufted hair striker for MUFC

•    White Ball with Dwarf Logo – This TV dwarf guy climbed on board too!

•    Three Mixed Color Balls – Representing three strikers from TV Towie series all who got into flagrante delicto with Jenny Thompson.

There are more but too many to list…

The circus feel that the ball juggling will help Jenny Thompson remember who is to be the father to the beautiful baby she is expecting!

Her baby girl is due on Christmas Day! My oh my will it come down the chimney into this world! The operative word is ‘Chimney’ indicative of the size of the opening the baby will appear from! My goodness it is going to be a big hole of an occasion…

Pregnant Jenny Thompson Considering Offer as Juggler in Foreign Circus!…

NB – This report is 100% hearsay from our unnamed Circus source – hence the text herein has to be treated as 100% spoof as we have no way to verify any and/or all of the referenced text and/or data. Hence any names we use are for the spoof and the spoof alone bearing no reflection on real life reality under any and all circumstances…


Syrup – Cockney  slang for hair wig and/or hair transplant – Attribution to Ozami.Net

The French UK and USA Press Will Publish Anything as Long as it Makes Money

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No Flash Cameras

So the deal was done the cheapskate French Celeb Magazine Closer released some topless pictures of Kate Middleton. Up went the magazine sales – the website went manic on viral and in rolled the money to line the coffers of French Celeb Magazine Closer.

Three words to say :-


But no amount of complaining will change society worldwide wherein all that matters to the majority is – how much money will it make -  and how will I or the company I represent make out of the deal!

The answer to that question in the case of French Celeb Magazine Closer is lots they have now completed the first release batch of topless pictures of Kate Middleton. Now they will back off for a while deal with all legal issues piling in – then they will get fined a nominal amount which is chunk change as per French law.

Then wait for it – this comes next – the French Celeb Magazine Closer will then release a second batch of topless pictures of Kate Middleton, that they have stockpiled as they planned ahead for round two of this tawdry and lowlife way of making money using private pictures of a very accomplished and beautiful young lady the Duchess of Cambridge

Topless Images Background Profile
LA Tines attribution clip

Topless photos of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, taken with a long lens last week as the couple vacationed at a royal relative’s secluded home in Provence, France, are  earning the French magazine that published them a royal lawsuit.

St. James’s Palace said Friday in a statement that “legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France” by the royal couple.

Kate and Prince William were told about the pictures over breakfast before visiting a mosque in Malaysia, where they’re on tour. A source told ABC News that they were initially “saddened” but then became shocked and angry.

“The photos we selected are by no means degrading,” the editor of Closer France said in French in a statement, also clarifying that that decision to run the pics had nothing to do with the UK incarnation of Closer magazine. “They show a young couple on vacation.” – Attribution to The Los Angeles Times

The French UK and USA Press Will Publish Anything as Long as it Makes Money…

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